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Clabo is our lab! It’s located at the SwissMedia Center in Vevey – (Switzerland). Through a broad network of competent staff, open space and fully equipped studios, the team of Clabo is able to produce cultural events, films, recordings/editings, workshops, conferences and other numerous projects. Just like a production agency, but much cooler!


A new concept for local and international dancers designed to share workshops, jams and presentations without the issues affecting programmation of an event into official venues.


Summer Games

Interactive Art - Installations - Speed Painting

Speeches / Concerts / Expos

Photo credits © Studio E.Curchod, S.Goyon, J.Masson, G.Greco, E.Aubord, S.Secchi, C.De Rosa, F. Jordan, S.Cunha, S.Bonatelli, C.Colunga, S.Rouge

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