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ARTillerie (2011)

“Artillery” is a piece inspired by the famous “dream catcher” artisanal canvases of Native American origin. The purpose of this project is to capture through visual form on a tissue surface, the product of physical exchange between the dancers, while linking two artistic disciplines: dance and visual arts.
The « W-ART » version is the Swiss-Brazilian cultural exchange between DNA Dialect and students of the Performing Arts Department of Federal University of Santa Maria.
W-ART and ARTillerie are also a parody putting on stage ex-soldiers, locked in a mental asylum for their “lack of ability for war.”

Team & Credits © ADN Dialect 2011

Concept et chorégraphie: Angelo Dello Iacono
Musique: Angelo Dello Iacono, Stephane Friedly, Claudio Giampietro, Arnaud Carnal

Danse: Nam Kyung Kim, Philia Maillardet, Charles Pietri, Pierre Pietri, Carlos Gabriel Martinez, Vincent Morelle.

Version W-ART Physical Theater avec les acteurs du Département de arts de la scène de la UFSM Université Fédérale de Santa Maria- Brésil

Photo: César Fandino, Pablo Canales, Edouard Curchod