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Bugs (2008)

In a new collaboration with musicians Pascal and Pierre Auberson Audétat, this creation showed a work on embodiment of the sound by the dancers. Driven by the breath, Angelo Dello Iacono and Marion DIL showed in this representation as elements that constantly disturb our internal peace, those “Bugs” that hinder the natural flow of our energy… A simple story based on the delicate weaving of human relationships, and on the difficulty of loving tenderly despite the violence of daily stress due to our human condition.

Bugs @ Octogone

Bugs - in progress...

Team & Credits © ADN Dialect 2008

Chorégraphie: Angelo Dello Iacono et Marion DIL
Musique: Pascal Auberson et Pierre Audétat
Danse: Angelo Dello Iacono et Marion DIL
Création Lumières: Jean-Pierre Potvliege
Costumes: Titta Peluso
Photo: Eric Aubord
Images: Sebastien Goyon, Remi Dewarrat

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