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Delay Lama (2006)

Opening the Cully Jazz Festival, Delay Lama was a tribute to spirituality conveyed by music as a universal language beyond words. This meditative experience is a work on the mysteries of life and men’s internal energy. A sort of common trance experience. A Jam guided by the heart. A show with harmonious and hypnotic cadences, linked to major rhythmic cycles of the universe.

Team & Credits © ADN Dialect 2006

Spectacle Improvisé (durée: 70 min)
Concept: Angelo Dello Iacono
Musique: Pascal Auberson, Gilles Schwab, Julien Feltin, Samy Gahrsaly
Danse: Marion DIL, Marie Goudot, Michael Pomero, Angelo Dello Iacono
Lumières: Jean-Pierre Hautin
Photos: David Wohlschlag, Michel Vonlanthen