14965 (glisse╠ü(e)s) – Copie
14965 (glisse╠ü(e)s) – Copie
14955 – Copie
14914 (glisse(e)s)
15212 – Copie
14965 (glisse╠ü(e)s) – Copie 14913 14955 – Copie 14914 (glisse(e)s) ADN Dialect Lunarium Duos 14915 Lunarium 15051 15212 – Copie


A piece made for the coexistence of diversity. After entering a labyrinth which displays works of visual arts (painting, sculpture, photo, multimedia installation), the viewer discovers an extravagant “lounge bar” where over 300 seats are composed of metallurgical waste materials. Contemporary dance, theater, rap, slam, live music, break dance succeed for an audience of every age, style and social status.

Team & Credits © ADN Dialect 2003

Concept et Chorégraphie: Angelo Dello Iacono
Musique: Gilles Schwab, André Uger, Julien Feltin
Danse: Marion DIL, Aude Lenher, Miguel Alves, Skywalker
Rap et Slam: MC Nostar, Mc Person
Installation: José Toti, Jonny Fuso
Vidéo: DCPA Christophe Philippe
Lumières: Joss Yungo
Bar: Veronique Rouiller
Cuisine: Edouardo Gamboa
Photo: Edouard Curchod