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No Plan B (2014)

No Plan B is a new generation cultural exchange concept. The artists build their own interactive décor live. The tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) imposes algorithmic changes of the space to the dancers, who have to constantly adapt their movements by dancing intuitively.

Team & Credits © ADN Dialect 2014

An interactive performance with live music by
The Mobile Trio: Ben Schwendener (keys), Kenwood Dennard (drums) and Marc Friedman-Diemente (bass)

The ADN Dialect dance company
Choreographer: Angelo Dello Iacono
Dancers: Joss Costalat, Carlos Martinez and Marie-Elodie Vattoux

Dancers from the Boston dance community
Anna Maynard, Michael Figueroa, Jenna Mitchell, Shari Repasz

Lighting designer: Anne Dresbach
Live VJ and video works: Alvin Case
Sound: Clinton Vadnais
Cameras: Cherie Willoughby, Clinton Vadnais, Alvin Case

Produced by Gravity Arts – Boston USA

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