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Piovra (2003)

This creation evokes in an original and hard-hitting style, endangering of the ecology and the stigma of a world that gives us everything to worry about. This creation is inspired by wastes that man releases in nature. Piovra is aimed to raise reflections on the commitment of contemporary art (dance, theater, video, performance) in support of key topics such as ecology. “Poivra” is also the name of the southern Italian mafia governing the waste market, whose images were projected during the show as interactive background for the choreographies.

Team & Credits © ADN Dialect 2003

Chorégraphies: Angelo Dello Iacono
Danseurs: Marion DIL, Marie Goudot, Aude Lenher, Miguel Alves, Skywalker, Angelo Dello Iacono
Slam: MC Nostar, Julien Poletti
Musique: Gilles Schwab, Julien Feltin, André Uger
Vidéo: DCPA Christophe Philippe, Angelo Dello Iacono
Lumières: Joss Yungo
Photo: Edouard Curchod

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