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Team & Credits © ADN Dialect 2009

Chorégraphie: Angelo Dello Iacono
Musique: Julien Feltin, André Uger, Arnaud Carnal, Claudio Giampietro
Multimedia: Sebastien Goyon, Fred Monnoye
Textes: Gilbert Rossion
Commedians: Ariane Christen, Vincent Aubert, Gilbert Rossion
Danseurs: Philia Maillardet, Oriana Cereghetti, Marion DIL, Sebastien Grognuz, Yan Von Unger Sternberg, Miguel Alves
Lumières: François Saint Cyr
Photo: Sébastien Secchi, Edouard Curchod

Print (2019)

MANAGE, ADMINISTER, ORGANIZE, COORDINATE, PLAN, PRESCRIBE, GOVERN, REGULATE, CONTROL,… Zany and ironic “Print” presents a satirical look on the conditioning of individuals drawn into the machinery of an economic system through metronomic rhythms of human stupidity.

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