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I’m not a therapist, and I do not aim to become one. My simple exercises are efficient, because they relieve and give a feeling of wellbeing. I learned that being a choreographer and dancer, far away from formatting methods and from the buiseness often hidden behind the word “therapy”. Nearly 20 years of experimentation on contemporary dance and conscious movement, helped me to develop over time, physical techniques and exercices based on breath. The intercultural approach of my method certainly comes from the many influences i received by my colleagues / dancers Asians, Russians, Africans and Amerindians. Other aspects of my approach, better knowne under the name of “Le Point Zero”, is due to my constant desire to read, absorb and experiment knowledge with ancestral roots, that often agree with many approaches in medicine called “parallel” that western medical system is only just beginning to recognize. Angelo Dello Iacono

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