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Team & Credits © ADN Dialect 2013

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Musique: Gérard Suter, Bernard Trontin, Raphael Pitteloud, André Uger, Aurélie Emery

Concept, Direction artistique et chorégraphie: Angelo Dello Iacono
en collaboration avec les danseurs: Marion DIL, Marie-Elodie Vattoux, Joss Costalat, Marion Sparber, Jorys Zegarac, Ilario Santoro, Ima Dello Iacono, Amandine Petit

IMAGEs vidéo: Giuseppe Greco, Angelo Dello Iacono

Lumières et effets: Sébastien Baudin, Yann Veyrier

Photo: E.Curchod, Sébastien Goyon, Carlo De Rosa

The Wettstein Case (2013)

Assisted by Vector and four other lab coats, Dr. Karl Wettstein, biochemist passionate about philosophy and quantum physics, secretly continues his research in his basement turned into laboratory. Obsessed by the desire to create a vaccine capable to make his patients free to express the talent that lies within them, Dr. Wettstein kidnaps humans to experience its serum named: the “inventine”.

“Are we freer in a limitless environment, which nevertheless wants us compliant and obedient? Or into captivity in a confined space, but that allows us to freely express what characterizes us as unique individuals” Angelo Dello Iacono – Choreographer

press reviews clips
« A story worthy of the best thrillers » Le Régional
« The Wettstein case brings together seasoned dancers and renowned musicians! » 24 Heures
A dark and sordid story that could have ended in the column of various facts! »Keep News DKBO